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Automatic Dishwasher Detergents

Proven liquid detergents with low temp Rinse Aid. Specialized products for hard water.

Pots and Pans

High powered cleaning product designed for scrubbing and sanitizing pots and pans.


Silver Soak Liquid and powder. Detergents designed specifically for silverware.

Auto Dishwashers

  1. G-250 Automatic Dishwasher Liquid Detergent (reliable; works well with Griffin’s Low-Temp Rinse Aid)
  1. GL-250HW Automatic Dishwasher Liquid Detergent Hard Water
  2. G-548 Low-Temperature Rinse Additive for Hard Water
  3. G-186 Lime Off (non-foaming auto dishwasher deposit Descaler/cleaner)

Pots & Pans

  1. G-453 Yellow Gel
  2. G-547 Oxygen Bleach Liquid
  3. G-252 Pink Bouquet
  4. G-151 Griffin Suds
  5. G-151S Pot & Pan Liquid

Silverware Soak

  1. G-161 Silver Soak Liquid
  2. G-461 Silver Soak Powder
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