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Products: Passenger Car Cleaning

Tire and Wheel Cleaners

Cleaning solutions specifically designed for tires and wheels: Almost Nu, Vinyl & Tire, Jet Lume, Blue Solvent RTU Tire Dressing, Mag & Spoke cleaner

Car Wash Bug Remover

Auto Car Wash Concentrate with powerful bug and windshield scum remover

Car Wash Preclean

Super premium, heavy foaming, highly engineered Car Wash Prep Soap

Car Wash Soap

Car wash soap, Big Pink, Tri Color car wash systems. Wash and Wax. Sparkling Vehicle Cherry Car.

Cheater Wax

Premium auto car wash seal. Highly engineered with natural, mineral oil to create a thin film that makes water sheet off

Windshield Cleaners

Reservoir Fluid cleaners, Concentrated glass cleaners, Wash squeegee bucket cleaner

Tire Cleaners

  1. AM-531 Almost Nu Tire Cleaner
  2. GL-533 Vinyl & Tire Treatment
  3. GL-TD Blue Solvent RTU Tire Dressing

Wheel Cleaners

  1. AM-006 Mag & Spoke Cleaner
  2. GL-821 Jet Lume (Wheel Cleaner)

Carwash Bug Remover

  1. G-678 Auto Carwash Concentrate with Bug Remover (powerful bug and windshield-scum remover)

Carwash Preclean

  1. AM-747XFB Carwash Prep-Soap (heavy foaming, highly engineered premium preclean)

Carwash Soap

  1. AM-504 Big Pink Carwash
  2. G-674 Tri-Color Carwash System (Red-Blue-Yellow)
  3. G-269 Wash & Wax (Cherry-Scented)
  4. GL-9125 CVWP Sparkling Vehicle Wash Powder
  5. GL-747XFCH Cherry Car Wash Soap

Cheater Wax

  1. G-673 Auto Carwash Seal (highly engineered, natural, mineral oil, thin-film, causes rainwater to sheet off)
  2. AM-574C Shine & Shield Concentrate

Windshield Cleaners

  1. AM-054 Swiper Wash (Windshield Reservoir Fluid – Winter Formula)
  2. G-188 X Tender Concentrated Glass Cleaner 64:1 (gas station windshield bucket cleaner)
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