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Industrial Cleaners

Oxidation removers, hot tank cleaners, degreasers, spray cabinet cleaners. Heavy duty cleaners for manufacturing, construction, automotive. Powders, liquids. Sizes available from 1 gal to 55 gal drums.

Industrial Cleaners

  1. GL-168 Oxidation Remover Liquid
  2. G-301 Jolt (heavy duty powerful butyl-based cleaner)
    1. Jolt Scented (forest/lemon)
    2. Jolt Unscented
    3. SUPER JOLT (even more powerful cleaner)
  3. GL-822 Steel Hot Tank Cleaner Powder (highly alkaline cleaner removes greases/oils from metal parts in heated parts cleaning tanks)
  4. GL-815 Orange Citrus Degreaser
  5. G-191 E-Lemonator Citrus Degreaser Cleaner (engineered blend of d- limonene, detergents, and emulsifiers provides excellent all-purpose cleaning)
  6. G-264 Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser Heavy Duty G-300 (butyl-based heavy-duty degreaser emulsifies and removes grease, oil, and other soilsfrom surfaces)
  7. G-304 Heavy Duty Automotive Degreaser Liquid

Industrial Spray Cabinet Cleaners

  1. AM-086 Spray Cabinet Parts Washer Powdered Soap (concentrated alkaline detergent for cleaning engine and other parts in metal spray cabinet)
  2. GL-087 Spray Cabinet Parts Washer Liquid Soap (aluminum-safe low foam liquid parts wash)
  3. GL-532 Spray Cabinet Cleaner Powder
  4. GL-827 HD Steel Spray Cabinet Detergent

Industrial Painting

  1. GL-823 No-Ox Corrosion Inhibitor (pre-paint cleaning & rust prevention coating)
  2. GL-825 Paint Stripper
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