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EPA-Registered Sanitizers for food processing

Surface sanitizers, Cleaner disinfectants, Sodium Hypochlorite, smoke house cleaners, foaming sanitizers, Iodine sanitizer, High Alkaline, Low PH. Cleaners and sanitizers for a broad range of applications that have to meet EPA standards. From gallon to 55 gal drum sizes.

EPA-Registered Sanitizers

  1. G-148 Lobacten Sanitizer (EPA-registered sanitizer)
  2. G-346 Cleaner & Disinfectant (EPA-registered)
  3. G-399C Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% Bleach (EPA-registered)
  4. G-299 Sodium Hypochlorite 6% Bleach (EPA-registered)
  5. G-LFI Low-Foam Iodine Sanitizer (EPA-registered)
  6. G-Alpet D2 Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer (EPA-registered IPA/quat disinfectant for food contact surfaces)
  7. G-Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer Spray (alcohol-based Sanitizer for food processing)

Food-Processing Cleaners


  1. G-399 Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% Bleach (Not EPA-registered)

Low-Foaming CIP Cleaners-Food Processing

  1. G-603WE No-Foam Alkaline Unchlorinated CIP (A-220)
  2. G-601WE Low Foam CIP Wash (A-270) (Low foaming alkaline food plant cleaner with superior defoaming above 120°F)
  3. G-606WE FP3 Powder (alkaline, non-chlorinated, low-foaming cleaning powder)
  4. GL-816 High-Alkaline Chlorinated No-Foam Liquid CIP Cleaner
  5. GL-824 Super Trio Low-Foam Chlorinated CIP Powder

Foaming Cleaners-Food Processing

  1. GL-807 High-Alkalinity High-Foaming Cleaner (general cleaning with high foam)
  2. SS-SHC Smokehouse Cleaner (heavy duty alkaline high-foaming cleaner with Chelating Agent for Smokehouses, floors, walls, and equipment in food-processing plants)
  3. G-256 Fasfoam Liquid Cleaner (Heavy clinging foam degreases and removes fats, blood, and other soils from cutting boards, saws, slicers, floors and walls)
    1. Standard pH
    2. Low pH (11 to 11.5)
  4. AM-226 Chlor Clean (Concentrated chlorinated alkaline food plant cleaner of multiple soils, including proteins. Engineered surfactant delivers small foamy bubbles that penetrate and dissolve soils)
  5. AM-250 High Foam Industrial Cleaner (Alkaline chlorinated fat and protein remover for non-aluminum, non-galvanized surfaces.)
  6. G-602WE (A-226) Chlor Clean (high-alkaline chlorinated foaming cleaner)

Heavy Duty Cleaners-Food Processing

  1. AM-091 Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser (all-purpose, heavy- duty,butyl-based, grease/oil cleaner & degreaser)
  2. GL-810 All-Purpose Degreaser Cleaner
  3. GL-830 Sledge (heavy duty liquid degreaser)
  4. G-300WE High Acid Cleaner (A-300) (stainless steel cleaning & deposit remover)
  5. GL-826 Extra-Heavy-Duty Liquid Cleaner (general cleaning & degreasing)
  6. GL-122-TCS Heavy Duty Smokehouse Cleaner
  7. G-301 Jolt (Heavy Duty Powerful Butyl-Based Cleaner)
    1. Scented (forest/lemon fragrance)
    2. Unscented
    3. Super Jolt (Even more powerful cleaner)
  8. GL-304 Heavy Duty Step 2 Liquid Degreaser

Freezer Cleaners-Food Processing

  1. G-306 Freezer Floor Cleaner (powerful freezer floor cleaner)
  2. G-307 Freezer Cleaner (cleaner-degreaser dissolves dirt, grime, fats, and grease in low temperature environments)

Floor Cleaning-Food Processing

  1. AM-526 Top Gun Powdered Concrete Floor Cleaner

c. Food-Processing Ware-Washing

  1. CP-DISH-40#-SG Sta-Gon Auto Dish Powder (aluminum-safe chlorinated powdered warewash)
  2. G-250 Automatic Dish Detergent Liquid (reliable-works well with Griffin’s Low-Temp Rinse Aid)
  3. G-151S Pot & Pan Liquid
  4. SS-251 Aluma Clean Liquid (aluminum-safe pan & surface cleaner)
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