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Floor Strippers

Strong alkaline, highly engineered strippers. Caustic and non caustic formulas. Strip-N-Vac brush on vacuum up, no rinse.

Floor Sealers

Seal-N-Coat after cleaning sealers.

Floor Finishes

The highest quality finish available. Low solids, polymer based. Marvel Plate, Shine On and Hi RevElation deliver a durable and long lasting, buffable finish.

Floor Cleaners

Clear Mop, Brand Y and Floor Scrub. Neutral PH and strong alkaline and low foam floor cleaners. For concrete applications, Top Gun Powered Concrete Floor Cleaner


  1. G-320 Marvel Strip (strong alkaline, highly engineered caustic stripper)
  2. G-340 Red Hot Stripper (strong, non-caustic, amine-based, glycol- enhanced)
  3. G-285 Strip-N-Vac (Designed to be brushed on and vacuumed up by automatic equipment without rinsing)


  1. G-321 Seal-N-Coat (sealer applied after cleaning before applying finish)


  1. G-319 Marvel Plate Mark II (premium, low-solids, world-class, polymer- based hard premium-quality finish)
  2. G-116 Shine-On (high-solids, premium-quality, acrylic copolymer provides scratch-resistant high-gloss, world-class buffable finish)
  3. G-108 Hi-Rev Elation (super performance finish able to withstand high- speed buffing)


  1. G-160 Clear Mop (neutral pH floor cleaner)
  2. G-153 Brand Y Floor Cleaner (very strong alkaline floor cleaner)
  3. GL-118 Floor Scrub Low-Foam
  4. AM-526 Top Gun Powdered Concrete Floor Cleaner


  1. G-309 U.H.S. Restorer (clean floors while applying a light polymer finish in one-step)
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