Full Service Chemical Manufacturing

Private Label, Toll Chemical Compounding, Blending, Mixing

Consistent Quality, Reliable Supply

Our new Pacific Northwest facility in Albany Oregon operates based on ISO-9001 (2015) standards. Supported by a world-wide world-class network of suppliers, Griffin Chem Solutions is a steady, reliable manufacturer. Founded and operated as a family-run business in 1934, we have the processes and people in place to help you launch a new product or private label an existing product.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Our new 40,000+ square foot facility in Albany, Oregon facility has flexible blending, packaging, and labeling capabilities. We can start small and ramp up as your demand grows. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Fifteen liquid blending and packaging systems for strong alkaline and acidic blends
  • EPA-approved sanitizers and disinfectants
  • FDA-approved cleaning products
  • Precision large and small-batch powder-blending
  • Flexible secure warehouse with temperature controls
  • Solid laboratory with traceable standards
  • Quick-turnaround sample formulation laboratory including all natural fragrances
  • Additional acreage designated for high-speed packaging line

Global Sourcing Brings Cost Advantages

The ability to acquire quality certified chemical compounds from a wide variety of sources not only brings cost savings to you, it also ensures a seamless supply chain. We take pride in the extensive network of ISO certified, chemical supply partnerships we’ve built over the last eight decades.

Compliance and Regulation

We have in-house compliance and regulatory experts to properly prepare SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and meet applicable safety and environmental requirements.

Strategic Warehousing and Shipping

Our new facility recently in Albany Oregon with large a warehouse is located strategically to efficiently access Interstate 5 and rail lines. This facility provides access to the entire West Coast and Pacific Rim routes shipping out of the Port of Portland.

A Smart Process Ensures Quality

Our Quality Management System (QMS) provides a consistent and coordinated approach to ensure and continuously improve quality through every step of development, manufacturing, delivery and customer support. Every employee at Griffin Chem Solutions understands that continuous improvement is an essential component in everything we do, every day, every minute. Every individual is empowered to identify safety risks, areas of waste, and ways of working smarter. All employees are involved in continuous systematic training. The company’s QMS tracks progress toward goals, identifies weaknesses, and monitors corrective actions where we fall short.

Customer Satisfaction Is Everything

Communication and close interaction with our customers is key to identifying needs and developing solutions that will meet and exceed expectations. We build strong relationships with our customers by listening, working collaboratively and acting as partners in operational innovative excellence.

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