About Us

Time Tested

We have started calling our company Griffin Chem Solutions, however, we are the same company as Griffin Bros. that you have trusted since 1934. Our manufacturing and warehouse facility is in Albany, Oregon, perfectly situated between Seattle and San Francisco. We are close to the Port of Portland, with access to the entire Pacific Rim. Griffin Chem Solutions specializes in developing industrial cleaning products for a wide array of applications. We offer an extensive line of branded cleaning products for wholesale distributors to market throughout the Western United States and beyond.

Toll Blending, Private Label, Product Development

We have the capacity to blend by the truckload down to a gallon at a time. We also have a clean, fast, scalable, bottling and labelling facilities. Our warehouse facility can store product until you need it.

Strategic Location Saves on Costs

Our location helps manufactures located East of the Rockies save on transportation costs and with easy access to Pacific Rim shipping lines. We can get your product overseas. Griffin Chem Solutions has deep expertise and experience with all the complexities of domestic and international packaging and shipping.

Our Values

We Value Relationship

Griffin Chem Solutions believes strong customer services is the backbone for good business. We have a process that creates close working relationships and clear communication with manufacturers and distributors.

Safety and Reducing Environmental Impact Comes First

We pursue a path of continuous improvement when it comes to developing formulations which are safe to use don’t rely on chemicals proven to be harmful to the environment. As new, biodegradable and non-toxic compound alternatives are developed, we reformulate our products to make them better and safer for humans and the environment. Our goal is to continue to offer effective cleaning agents but deliver smart formulations that don’t have a lasting negative effect on people, air or water.

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