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Full Service Chemical Manufacturing

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to save money by using a West Coast Toll Blender with easy access to the Pacific Rim, or company interested in launching a new product, we have the facility and expertise to make it happen.

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Made In Oregon: A Full Line of Cleaning and Personal Care Products

Griffin Chem Solutions offers an extensive line of branded cleaning and personal care products all made at our Albany, Oregon blending and packaging facility.

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Toll Blending Contract Manufacturing Finished Formulations

We manufacture and distribute chemical cleaning products for industrial, transportation janitorial, food service and water treatment applications. Founded in 1934, Griffin Chem Solutions offers a proven manufacturing process and an extensive line of standard industrial and green formulations.


We offer over 100 different products for industrial cleaning applications and janitorial work. Everything from hand sanitizers to industrial degreasers and descalers. Find what you’re looking for here.

Contract Manufacturing

Choose one of our existing formulations or let our chemists help you develop a unique product. We have the expertise and manufacturing capability to help you create your own private label product for your new or existing product.

Toll Blending

Griffin Chem Solutions’ location in Pacific Northwest offers big cost advantages when compared to distant competitors. Located close to highway, rail and Pacific Rim Shipping lanes, we can help you save on transportation costs.


Looking for specific chemicals? We sell large and small amounts of globally sourced, blended and packaged chemicals for a broad range of specialized applications. Contact us to find out more.

Small Batch to
Full Scale

Griffin Chem Solutions offers flexible manufacturing runs. We can work with you collaboratively, starting small and ramping up as demand grows. Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures consistent quality during production quantity ramps. Our lean, flexible, QMS-based manufacturing platform is consistent and cost-effective. Contact us to find out more.

Compliance and Safety Expertise

Griffin Chem Solutions has in-house SDS document generation capabilities which utilize world-class software and a constantly updated global chemical database. Each SDS is prepared by an environmental specialist with advanced training. Griffin Chem Solutions anticipates ISO 14000 certification no later than 2019.

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